AI Based Solutions

  • Accurate Enters into an Innovative Ecosystem Partnership with Tardid.
  • Provides Artificial Intelligence Solution for industrial assets Predicting Health, Remaining Useful Life and Reduce Risk in the Services, Engineering and Process Industries.

Adaptive Collision Control System

  • BRAINBOX® is a proprietary AI Platform of Tardid. Under the Innovation Ecosystem, ACCS is built on Brainbox as an independent module. ACCS is designed for collision avoidance alerts and decisioning for safe maneuvers.

Accurate - Tardid Technology Collaboration

  • MOU for Defence to provide unique offerings of Tardid like:
    • SPICA (Smart Platform for Identifying Cracks & Anomalies) for :
      • Gun Components
      • Tubes & Barrels
  • Brainbox Prime for Structural Health Management Brainbox Xander for Machine Health Management

ShipACCS (Adaptive Collision Control System)

ShipACCS module is completely autonomous in nature and provides decision intelligence by combining physics and machine, The ShipACCS system verifies and validates data from sensors, ship-installed equipment, and satellite information.


ShipACCS uses the approach of ship domain and decisioning is based on supervised, unsupervised and finally at reinforcement levels. At the reinforcement level, it's fully autonomous and can deploy human-type strategies which are better informed and deep in insight on all operational conditions. The inbuilt system models produce a real-time solution in complex and dynamic environments. A modified Artificial Potential Field (APF) system has been integrated into the system which solves the encounter situation at sea including emergency situations.


  • Object Detection
  • Movement Analysis
  • Threat Detection and resolution
  • Type Identifications
  • Route planning
  • Physics driven decision intelligence
  • Combines Hydrometeorological and Environmental Conditions
  • Conforms to COLREG, IMO and Maritime registrar
  • High speed vision, thermal, laser distance gauge
  • Seamless Integration with AIS, ARPA, IMU, ECDIS
  • Real-time strategy deployment and execution
  • Its autonomous

ShipOS (Autonomous Controls and Maneuvers)

Autonomous ship is the “next big thing” in the shipping domain. In recent years, remarkable development has attracted the attention of the shipping and maritime sector, namely “Unmanned” and/or “Autonomous” (AtS) shipping. At Tardid we have combined physics and machine learning, reinforced with Information and Communications Technology to develop ShipOS. The AI Captain for the ship brings a revolutionary change to traditional shipping practices and reveals a new dimension, leading owners, operators, and manufacturers to an innovative rethinking of shipping.

SShipOS connects the whole ship and builds the ability to monitor its own health, establish and communicate about its surrounding, and makes a decision based on that. The ShipOS AI captain acquires all information from electronic senses and informs the electronic brain “Brainbox” which allows the vessel/ship to navigate safely, deploy and follow route plans, avoid collisions and deploy strategies for optimized operation.


Overcoming Challenges

ShipOS has gone under various sea trails which are supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced at certain stages. It has been ensured that the sensors on board, the reliability of machinery, and the AI software Brainbox are stable and cyber-secure, to national and international rules and regulations. Currently, the SSOSUITE functions at an 82% average accuracy, which is 88000 times higher than the human-driven system. Tardid has also started scenario-based training of the suite for further reinforcement and corrections.

ShipDSM (Dynamic Stability Management)

ShipDSM module is commercially available for all types of floating vessels (inland and high seas) like tankers, bulks, gas carriers, container carriers, cruise ships, yachts, floating cranes, drilling platforms, FPSOs etc. The ShipDSM system can work both in standalone mode and in autonomous conditions, whereas the autonomy levels can be defined as human-in-loop or rare human, or fully autonomous. The system works in conjunction with sensors installed for various operational data and, furthermore, integrated to ship IPMS (integrated platform management system).


While calculating Trim, List, and Rolling conditions and Stability under various loading conditions, the machine models are validated in accordance with the stability criteria of various Maritime Registers of Shipping and IMO. Strength condition decision intelligence is provided for both “Ship-at-Sea” and “Ship-at-Port” cases.


  • Assignment By The Operator Of Ship Loading Scheme And Its Display In Graphical And Tabular Form
  • Accounting For Icing, Seawater Density, And Availability Of Additional Dry Cargo
  • Decision Intelligence Of Trim, Stability, Strength Of The Ship In The Current Loading Status, Comparison Of Calculations With The Criteria Set By IMO Or Maritime Registrar
  • Generation Of An Option Of Loading The Cargo Tanks Using Information From The Level Alarms Installed In
  • Automatic Ballast Monitoring And Adjustment Beyond Threshold Crossover
  • Calculation Of Crane Or A-frame Operations
  • Offline Mode Display Of Ship Listing Status And Trim
  • Decision-Based On The Ship Current Operational Conditions By Considering The Degree Of Freedoms
  • Record Of Results Of The Performed Calculations;
  • Calculation Of Dynamic Stability During The Entire Operation

Autonomous Inspection Station For LPG Cylinder Health And Reliability

SPICA-S Can Be Used For both filled and unfilled cylinders

Powered by Brainbox® Artificial Intelligence Platform, the station provides prescriptive damage prognosis for remaining useful life and time to failure


  • Missing Pin Cut detection in the cylinder valve
  • DPT detection for validity
  • Missing O-ring (inside valves) Detection in empty LPG Cylinders
  • Interactive UI
  • Automatic Rejection
  • Vision Analytics performed by the PLC / equalling controller.
  • Edge processing and display on Industrial PC.
  • 25 cylinders/min speed

Autonomous Inspection Station NDE System For Gun Barrel & Components

SPICA is an autonomous NDE inspection station designed for an efficient, non-invasive monitoring of structural integrity issues like cracks, laminations, wall thickness degradations, missing elements. SPICA ensures high accuracy that never seen up till now.


Machine Vision and LASER Profilometer (Acoustical, Thermal Imaging & Acoustic Resonance as Options


Machine vision and Laser Scanning (Acoustical, Thermal Imaging & Acoustic Resonance as Options


Autonomous Cavity Scrapper

Pass through unhindered Interacts with materials Scattered and Partial absorption Totally Absorbed through 3d Fusion