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ITS for TATA Motors (As per AIS 140)

    Product Overview / Key Features
  • Intelligent Transportation System is evolving in India’s automotive sector.
  • Laminar flow units are available in both horizontal flow and vertical flow configurations.
  • As a first step, Government has put regulatory requirements under AIS-140.
  • Accolade is a part of this ITS solution and at a very advanced stage for the development of this ITS system for TATA Motors in compliance with AIS-140 which withstands IP-65 and all other Automotive requirements.
  • Proud Partner of Tata Motors

Accurate Savan Defence

( Associate Company )

  • Manufacturer of high precision machined components & fabricated structures, import substitute spares for various Gear boxes, Hydraulic / Pneumatic cylinders, Electro-mechanical Clutch- Brakes etc.
  • Special fabrication facilities for FCAW, GMAW & SMAW welding.
  • Specialised welding developed for DRDO.

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough
SR SAM – Short Range Surface to Air Missile Launcher
Complete Launcher with 3.5 m Electromechanical Ball-Screw Actuators and Synchronization Gearbox – Designed, Developed and Manufactured in-house

Nikhtish Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

( Strategic Partner )

  • Accurate is associated with Nikhtish Engineering for MIL grade NBC filters and MIL grade air conditioners for the domestic and international markets.
  • NIKHTISH is a medium scale industrial enterprise registered under MSME with ISO 9001-2008 certification promoted by experienced technocrats in the field of design, development, manufacturing, testing and supply of different types of air filters and contamination control equipment for diverse applications.
  • NIKHTISH has a strategic stake and co-production alliance with Accurate Group of Pune with a main focus on Indian and international Defence arena.
  • NIKHTISH produces all types of AIR filters such as HEPA filters, Fine Filters & Pre Filters as per the applications with MIL standards as well as customized solutions. Our products include custom built Laminar Flow Units, Fan Filter Modules, Soft Wall Clean Rooms, Air Showers, Clean Cabinets, Fume hoods etc. having wide ranging applications in Mobile Defence Shelters, engineering, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, photo films, biotechnology, medicines etc.
  • Our main products can broadly be classified as:

Our main products can broadly be classified as:

  • NBC Ventilation Systems these are made in India with Technology collaboration with ARCOTECH 360 Global of Israel and also with Transfer of Technology from DRDE, Gwalior.
  • These systems are mainly deployed in Air raid Shelters, where the capacity in NBC mode is 36 CMH, 180 CMH, 300 CMH and 800 CMH complying with Israeli Standard SII 4570 and have also passed all the relevant tests from DRDE, DRDO, Gwalior, R&DE, DRDO, Dighi, Pune and SQAL, Aundh, Pune. NBC Ventilation Systems are life-saving during fallout of Nuclear Radiations, Biological agents & Chemical gases. NIKHTESG has so far exported 30000 units to Israel which are installed in various Civil and Defence establishments.
  • Among our prestigious customers for NBC Ventilation systems is the Indian Army for Integrated Field Shelter through Titagarh Wagons Ltd.
  • Laminar flow units are available in both horizontal flow and vertical flow configurations.
  • Powder Control Booths control powder fall out and provide clean conditions for pharmaceutical and dairy products.
  • Bio-safe work stations, confirming to NSF standard, are available in all class I, II, II B and III versions. These are used where work involving potentially dangerous organisms is carried out
  • A wide range of Isolation Equipment is manufactured to meet the stringent needs of pharmaceutical and biomedical industries e.g. T.P.N. compounding, freeze drier loading, housing of research animals, catatonic drug dispensing, handling of antibiotics, etc.
  • Air Purifiers recycle the air in any working environment, particularly in commercial and industrial establishments, computer facilities, telephone exchanges, precision shops, hotel rooms, restaurants etc. and eliminate the suspended particulate matter like dust, pollen and smoke.
  • FUME/ DUST EXTRACTORS and MIST COLLECTORS protect men and machines from fine dust, smoke, fog, mist, fumes generated in various industrial processes effectively and improve productivity
  • AIR BARRIERS/CURTAINS protect the indoor environment (clean and/ or cool) without having to close the door. These can be installed on door openings of shops, offices, warehouses, cold storages, ovens, and hospitals, ICU’s, restaurants and bakeries. Air curtains prevent air conditioning losses and also restrict dust, insects, fumes etc. from entering the room.
  • FUME GUARDS/ HOODS are recommended for the protection of respiratory system of people working in laboratories where solvents, gases, vapour, acids, unpleasant smelling substances are handled.
  • PATIENT CARE UNITS reduce risk of infection for patients in the hospitals undergoing medical treatment, surgery, radiology, chemotherapy, organ transplantation etc.