Re-engineering of BMP II [CBRN]


Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment (MMME) – MK-II


NBC Filtration Systems


Ultra Modern PMA based APU 3.5 kW


6 x 6 ATV series hybrid electric vehicle Customer - CVRDE


Auxiliary Power Unit for Tank T-72 & T-90


GPS-GIS Based Minefield Recording System


Telescopic Sights for 7.62x51 MM Light Machine Gun


Truck Mounted Crane


Portable Helipad

Power Solutions

Manufacturers of Ultra-light & Compact, Customised DG Sets & Power Systemsspecially designed for Vehicle Mounted Power Solutions- Designed to meet Indian defence requirements for Variable Speed Technology.

Salient Features

  • MIL Grade DG’s
  • Light weight – 40 to 50% Weight reduction compared to conventional DG Sets.
  • UPS Feature combined in DG Set – Optional
  • Light weight, Compact DG’s for Mobile Applications for Defence Forces
  • Meets CQAL 640 A and EMI/EMC 461E Compliant
  • Very Silent Generator with low IR signature
  • Operating temperature : -20 deg C to + 70 deg C
  • Designed for desserts and high altitude operations
  • Variable Speed for Saving Fuel (20-30% Fuel Saving) and reduced maintenance Cycles thus enhancing life.
  • Paralleling Option is available for ratings above 12 KW
  • Standardisation of DG Set Power Ranges:
    • 2 KW to 10 KW
    • 12 KVA to 25 KVA
    • 15 KVA to 70 KVA
    • 20 KVA to 110 KVA


  • Successfully type tested DG sets for high altitude (4160 m) and low temperature (-20 deg. C) from Defence Designated Labs.
  • CPCB II tested from ARAI.
  • CQAL 640-A endurance qualified Generators
  • Enlisted into two projects by Make in India by MOD.
  • User trials at Khardung La, Partapur and at the Himalayan Glaciers.

20 kVA DG Set for CIWS Project – Bharat Forge Ltd.

20 kVA DG Set Successfully Tested in Sweden

15 kVA DG Set for Vehicle Maintenance Truck – 512 Army Base, Khadki, Pune, India

15 kVA DG with slider arrangement installed on TATA 6 x 6 Vehicle

Akash NG – BEL, Bangalore 3 x 70 kVA DG set

Akash NG – BEL, Bangalore 2 x 40 kVA DG set + 16 kVA UPS

2 kVA and 5 kVA DG Sets for NFS – BEL Ghaziabad

5 kVA DG Set, Total Nos. 82

2 kVA DG Sets, Total Nos. 56

Project-Sumitra (2x25 kVA Containerized Mobile Autonomous Power) for DRDO

  • Complete System Development, Design and Manufacture
  • Includes:
    • Power Generating Sets of rating 25 kVA
    • 1.3 kW solar panel
    • 20 feet PUF insulated Container
    • Flatbed towable trailer
    • Live Visual Image Capturing 8 channel Device
    • LED Flood Light 20 Watt IP 66
    • 1.5 ton Temperature Control Unit
  • 2.5kW Methanol Reformer Based Fuel Cell System (supplied separately)

62.5 kVA DG set for K5 Launcher – Walchandnagar Industries Limited

Generator Sets for Telecom Applications

10-20kVA (1phase, 230VAC, 50Hz)

SUMITRA - 2x25 kVA Containerized Mobile Autonomous Power Source

SUMITRA - 2X15 kVA Power Supply and Distribution System

82.5 kVA Power Supply and Distribution System

Customer – BEL - HYDERABAD Diesel Generator of 82.5 kVA with control panel mounted on 4 Wheel trailer used for power requirements of electronic equipment mounted for mobile ground base vehicle application.

2 x 40 kVA DG SET WITH 16 kVA UPS

Customer – BEL – BANGLORE
Successfully Installed

The 2 X 40 kVA, 50Hz, 3 phase containerized silent mobile Genset with Auto synchronous cum AMF control panel have been designed and developed for CCU system of project


Integrated Electro-Mechanical Systems for Defence

  • Manufacture of high precision machined components & fabricated structures, import substitute spares for various Gear boxes, Hydraulic / Pneumatic cylinders, Electro-mechanical Clutch- Brakes etc.
  • Developed Weight Simulator for the prestigious Mission Shakti
  • Special fabrication facilities for FCAW, GMAW & SMAW welding

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough

Full Scale Weight & CG Simulator – Mission Shakti

Screw Lock Mechanism and Base Shroud Ring – Agni A3
Electromechanical Launcher Simulator for QRSAM with Semi-Trailer

IED Container

EV Solutions

Product Range

  • Motor Controllers for PMSM and BLDC type motors
  • Motors of 2 kW to 110k W – design & manufacturing
  • Hybrid conversion of ATV, UGV
  • On-board Chargers – 2.3kW to 110kW
  • DC-DC Converters - 120W to 60kW
  • AC-DC Converters - 2.3kW to 110kW
  • Liquid-cooled Battery Packs

6 x 6 ATV Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Customer - CVRDE

ISG – Integrated Starter Generator

Accurate Make Alternator (Under Development) Model – AICPL-19-3PI6P38P5T50M – 8kW

Front View

Back View

Extended Shaft for Compressor


  • Light Weight
  • Compact