Defence Solutions


Re-engineering of BMP II [CBRN]


Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment (MMME) – MK-II


NBC Filtration Systems


Ultra Modern PMA based APU 3.5 kW


6 x 6 ATV series hybrid electric vehicle Customer - CVRDE


Auxiliary Power Unit for Tank T-72 & T-90


GPS-GIS Based Minefield Recording System


Telescopic Sights for 7.62x51 MM Light Machine Gun


Truck Mounted Crane


Trailer 50 Ton Tank Transporter


Portable Helipad


Canister Launched Drones

Power Solutions

Manufacturers of Ultra-light & Compact, Customised DG Sets & Power Systemsspecially designed for Vehicle Mounted Power Solutions- Designed to meet Indian defence requirements for Variable Speed Technology.

Salient Features

  • MIL Grade DG’s
  • Light weight – 40 to 50% Weight reduction compared to conventional DG Sets.
  • UPS Feature combined in DG Set – Optional
  • Light weight, Compact DG’s for Mobile Applications for Defence Forces
  • Meets CQAL 640 A and EMI/EMC 461E Compliant
  • Very Silent Generator with low IR signature
  • Operating temperature : -20 deg C to + 70 deg C
  • Designed for desserts and high altitude operations
  • Variable Speed for Saving Fuel (20-30% Fuel Saving) and reduced maintenance Cycles thus enhancing life.
  • Paralleling Option is available for ratings above 12 KW
  • Standardisation of DG Set Power Ranges:
    • 2 KW to 10 KW
    • 12 KVA to 25 KVA
    • 15 KVA to 70 KVA
    • 20 KVA to 110 KVA


  • Successfully type tested DG sets for high altitude (4160 m) and low temperature (-20 deg. C) from Defence Designated Labs.
  • CPCB II tested from ARAI.
  • CQAL 640-A endurance qualified Generators
  • Enlisted into two projects by Make in India by MOD.
  • User trials at Khardung La, Partapur and at the Himalayan Glaciers.

20 kVA DG Set for CIWS Project – Bharat Forge Ltd.

20 kVA DG Set Successfully Tested in Sweden

15 kVA DG Set for Vehicle Maintenance Truck – 512 Army Base, Khadki, Pune, India

15 kVA DG with slider arrangement installed on TATA 6 x 6 Vehicle

Akash NG – BEL, Bangalore 3 x 70 kVA DG set

Akash NG – BEL, Bangalore 2 x 40 kVA DG set + 16 kVA UPS

2 kVA and 5 kVA DG Sets for NFS – BEL Ghaziabad

5 kVA DG Set, Total Nos. 82

2 kVA DG Sets, Total Nos. 56

Project-Sumitra (2x25 kVA Containerized Mobile Autonomous Power) for DRDO

  • Complete System Development, Design and Manufacture
  • Includes:
    • Power Generating Sets of rating 25 kVA
    • 1.3 kW solar panel
    • 20 feet PUF insulated Container
    • Flatbed towable trailer
    • Live Visual Image Capturing 8 channel Device
    • LED Flood Light 20 Watt IP 66
    • 1.5 ton Temperature Control Unit
  • 2.5kW Methanol Reformer Based Fuel Cell System (supplied separately)

62.5 kVA DG set for K5 Launcher – Walchandnagar Industries Limited

Generator Sets for Telecom Applications

10-20kVA (1phase, 230VAC, 50Hz)

SUMITRA - 2x25 kVA Containerized Mobile Autonomous Power Source

SUMITRA - 2X15 kVA Power Supply and Distribution System

82.5 kVA Power Supply and Distribution System

Customer – BEL - HYDERABAD Diesel Generator of 82.5 kVA with control panel mounted on 4 Wheel trailer used for power requirements of electronic equipment mounted for mobile ground base vehicle application.

2 x 40 kVA DG SET WITH 16 kVA UPS

Customer – BEL – BANGLORE
Successfully Installed

The 2 X 40 kVA, 50Hz, 3 phase containerized silent mobile Genset with Auto synchronous cum AMF control panel have been designed and developed for CCU system of project


Integrated Electro-Mechanical Systems for Defence

  • Manufacture of high precision machined components & fabricated structures, import substitute spares for various Gear boxes, Hydraulic / Pneumatic cylinders, Electro-mechanical Clutch- Brakes etc.
  • Developed Weight Simulator for the prestigious Mission Shakti
  • Special fabrication facilities for FCAW, GMAW & SMAW welding

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough

Mine Trawl & Mine Plough

Full Scale Weight & CG Simulator – Mission Shakti

Screw Lock Mechanism and Base Shroud Ring – Agni A3

Electromechanical Launcher Simulator for QRSAM with Semi-Trailer

IED Container

EV Solutions

Product Range

  • Motor Controllers for PMSM and BLDC type motors
  • Motors of 2 kW to 110k W – design & manufacturing
  • Hybrid conversion of ATV, UGV
  • On-board Chargers – 2.3kW to 110kW
  • DC-DC Converters - 120W to 60kW
  • AC-DC Converters - 2.3kW to 110kW
  • Liquid-cooled Battery Packs

6 x 6 ATV Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Customer - CVRDE

ISG – Integrated Starter Generator

Accurate Make Alternator (Under Development) Model – AICPL-19-3PI6P38P5T50M – 8kW

Front View

Back View

Extended Shaft for Compressor


  • Light Weight
  • Compact